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People will and can speculate but they will never know what’s between us.

It has been a terrible past few days as far as my decision making is concerned. I have made quite a few wrong turns which almost caused my relationship to end. Well, technically speaking, it has ended but with some promise. I am neither ashamed nor proud to admit that I cheated. To say that we are separated by thousands of…

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The gospel today focuses on temptations and how to win over them. We use the excuse that we are just human and we’re no Jesus. But come to think of it, Jesus himself became a man and He triumphed over temptations. Why can’t we? at Champions Village Apartments – Read on Path.

I’ve shared 25 memories with my friends on Path - see them now at!

I’ve shared 25 memories with my friends on Path - see them now at!

Thought via Path

Don’t worry about tomorrow. Let it run its course. We just need to trust Him. at Champions Village Apartments – Read on Path.

I wanna have friends like minaj. Totally insane.

i am mine.
before i am ever anyone else’s.
in, nayyirah waheed   (via hay-girl-hay-lesbifriends)

For the past week, I’ve been pretty battered by all things stressing me even in sleep or in times when I try to jog it off.


Just a quick background about my work. I’ve been recently chosen to be part of our main office in Houston. I used to have the same work when I was in Manila but this time I have a greater responsibility.I’m at the last stop before we release the estimate to the actual customer. So if I screw up, it’s either I own up to it or try to get out of it. This is what in store for me. I know that from the get-go. I have to be very cautious and avoid committing mistakes big enough to put on paper. It’s never in my character to succumb to pressure of any kind. I’ve been in situations wherein there is bigger pressure. But this one stands out because I love my job. And the more I screw up, it’ll not be impossible to squander all I have worked for the past two years of my career.

Of course, there are people to back me up. I work in a department where we try to keep the errors at the minimum and possible nothing at all. I can’t thank enough these colleagues for giving me options to solve whatever’s problem on hand. 

I guess I’m too hard on myself. I want my output to be perfect. I want the company to recognize in the future that I’m an asset. I am a rookie. I admit that but it seems like I’m the rookie who’s feeling the pressure. There are rookies who do not realize the pressure and ending up doing a great job. And that ain’t me.


Ever since I came here, people (through facebook) are always telling me that I’m packing on some pounds. Yes, I have gained some pounds. At first, I’m comfortable with it but when there’s too much taunting that’s the time it felt horrible. For the past week, I tried to cut down my diet in half and run around despite the cold weather. I know results aren’t visible in a week. It’s a long and painstaking process. And every time, people remind me of that, it crushes my confidence little by little. I know for a guy this is a rare problem but I’m just keeping it real. With all the criticisms thrown at my weight, I’m on a mission to lose them whatever it takes. And If its done, it’s a sweet revenge. So give me months and I’m gonna beef up!

Sometimes, it’s quite right to pour it all out. If you don’t like what you read, then that’s your problem.

The Photos for the #RedFish(The Review)

Red Fish (The Review)

Red Fish is a seafood grill joint located at Hwy 249 Cypresswood Drive. Judging by the name, it boasts of its quite many selections of seafood delicacies ranging from fish, shrimps to lobsters. But it’s distinguishing factor is that it offers more than seafoods. You can enjoy their chicken, beef and steak dishes. And what’s even more interesting is their wide varieties of sushi, sashimi and makis. Having two of my favorites (japanese food & seafoods) in one stop is very convinient. So let’s start with the basic things that make a dining exprience worth another round.


Banking on its seafood theme, the place looks like you’re eating right off the pier or dock. The interior design basically is made to imitate a wooden boat. The only concern I have is that when you enter you can actually smell the stench of the fish/seafood. I know for some it adds to the authenticity but it simply turns me off just a little.


As what I previously mentioned, it has something for everybody. Meat lovers, seafood afficionados and even japanese food fanatics are in for a treat.


These are the 3 meals we ordered for lunch:

Fried Salmon in Lemon Butter Sauce served with Sauted Vegetables and Steamed Rice ($10.95)

Who can go wrong with a salmon? But the difference lies in the dip. I especially love the lemon butter sauce because it’s more lemon than butter. If it’s too sweet then probaly I wouldn’t have really liked it all. Fish plus anything sour and zesty is a lethal combination. The vegetable didn’t come short either. What works for it is that it’s very lightly seasoned but not bland at all.

Kalbi Korean Steak ($11.95)

Yes, you read just right. There’s one korean dish on the menu. This beef dish in terms of texture is soft enough to be chewed but hard enough to be broken down by a fork. The asian flavor seeps through the meat making it a savory meal. However, I wish they can serve rice with it. The meal comes with a bun and butter.

NYC Roll ($9.95)

A playful roll of japanese rice, avocado, cream cheese and tempura garnished at the outside with imitation crab. This is a crunchy and not so overpowering sushi. Lots of my friends who don’t love japanese (hate them!just kidding) complain about the overpowering taste of sushi. This one is very mild and non-sushi lover would definitely love it. The mixture of flavor that each ingredient brings is distinctive enough which make this one of my early favorites.

Serving and Budget

Their serving is good enough for one person. Not too many to make you guilty after eating and not too few to make you want for more.

In terms of budget, it’s very friendly. You won’t rip your pockets. A good meal for four will cost you about 70 bucks.

The Verdict

4 out of 5. The wide selection, taste and affordability are the winning factors. But I see there’s a room for improvement in ambiance. If you’re near the area, come and visit Red Fish. You’ll thank me for it!:)

This is what I’ve been looking for! Lightning Dock+Alarm Clock+pillow shaker. Perfect for waking me up early and putting on the right song to jumpstart my day. #wishlist #iwantthisbadly

This is what I’ve been looking for! Lightning Dock+Alarm Clock+pillow shaker. Perfect for waking me up early and putting on the right song to jumpstart my day. #wishlist #iwantthisbadly